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Take action: Research funding

April 2011

Following numerous protests, rallies and demonstrations across Australian, on Tuesday 19 April Prime Minister Julia Gillard described the cuts as "speculation". The Prime Minister told protesters that the "moment to judge is on budget night".

While these comments are encouraging, it's important to keep the pressure on the issue so the Government understands how critical this funding is.

Cancer Council Victoria would be affected by these funding cuts, as many of our research projects directly rely on NHMRC funding. Without this funding our research in important areas such as tobacco control, skin cancer prevention, and cervical cancer prevention would not be possible.

Medical research benefits us all. Research discoveries improve the long-term health outcomes of all Australians by ensuring that our doctors have access to the newest and best treatments and therapies. Cuts to funding would delay public access to valuable research into treatments for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer, to name a few.

NHMRC funding supported over 8000 jobs in 2010. Without adequate funding young and talented researchers will leave Australia to work in countries able to more adequately support and appreciate their work.

So please spread the word amongst your families and friends. For more information on ways that you can be involved, sign the petition and to email the politicians who influence the Federal Budget decisions, visit 'Discoveries Need Dollars'.

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