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Spring has sprung! But despite the mild temperatures, sun protection is vital. We explain how to give your vitamin D a boost and avoid sun damage.

Meanwhile, Women's Health Week was early this month and Cancer Council Victoria urged women to put their health first. But as Mel explains, it's not always easy.

Also this month, Brian looks at why alcohol labels should carry cancer warnings like cigarette packets.

Lastly, with the launch of Quit Victoria's new campaign, Marianne tells us how identifying and beating her smoking triggers have helped her to quit.

We hope you enjoy this issue.
The Cut Your Cancer Risk Team

A hand held up against the skyHow to avoid UV damage
The days are getting longer, the icy mornings have thawed and the ultraviolet radiation is also rising. So how can we enjoy the spring sunshine safely, without overexposing our skin to UV?

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Screen shot from the Triggers adMarianne fights triggers to win smoking battle
Having been a smoker since the age of 13, Marianne has made countless attempts to quit in her 56 years. But for every situation she was able to avoid a cigarette, there were just as many triggers to tempt her back to smoking.

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Sample alcohol bottles with health warningsAustralian alcohol's missing ingredient
The statistics tell us that at least 5,000 cancers being diagnosed every year are linked with long-term chronic alcohol consumption. So, why aren't we more alarmed that there's no warning about this on the label of alcohol products?

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Working mum with toddler on her lapIgnore the housework and make time for health
As a busy mum, making time for myself is not easy. But because my health is important (and also because I work at Cancer Council Victoria), I always find the time for Pap tests.
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Healthy tip
Give your plate a healthy makeover
Eating a balanced diet can help reduce your risk of some cancers as well as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The LiveLighter website has delicious dishes designed to excite your tastebuds while inspiring you to keep healthy – like this chicken parma.

Does being overweight cause cancer?
Yes. Many people don't realise but being overweight accounts for 3.9% of the total cancer burden in Australia. Cancer Council Victoria, in partnership with the Heart Foundation of Victoria, recently launched LiveLighter, a campaign to help people make simple, positive changes and reduce their risk.
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No reliable evidence to link abortion and breast cancer
Researchers have studied a possible link between abortion and breast cancer repeatedly, and the most reliable and rigorous studies have found no link exists.
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