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Spring is here and so are climbing UV levels! Check out Nathan's story for a timely reminder to get checking the sun protection times each day. In this issue, we also investigate the latest research around sun protective clothing. One of the best barriers between your skin and the sun is clothing so we have put together some SunSmart tips to choosing sun safe clothes for summer.

Speaking of summer, if you are thinking of trying to lose a few kilos before the party season arrives, we might just have the answer. Read our article about how to rethink sugary drink. Lastly, following the launch of Coca-Cola's ridiculous anti-obesity campaign a couple of months ago, we have teamed up with 10 other health organisations to offer Coke some practical steps they could take if they really wanted to make a difference.

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The Cut Your Cancer Risk Team

Nathan's early win against melanoma
At just 21 years of age, Nathan Holscher never expected to be diagnosed with melanoma. SunSmart Victoria recently caught up with him to hear how his experience has changed his perspective on sun protection. Listen to his story.

How to rethink sugary drink
If you're a sugary drink drinker and concerned about the harm it could do to your health, why don't you try following some of these easy tips to help you cut back.

How bamboo can help you prevent skin cancer
New research shows clothing made of bamboo fibre could offer protection rom the sun's harmful UV rays.

Calling Coca-Cola's bluff on obesity
Seen Coca-Cola's ad assuring us they are part of the Australian obesity solution? We provide six practical steps Coca-Cola can take if they genuinely want to help reduce obesity levels.

Healthy tip
MasterChef Callum's quick stir-fry
MasterChef All Star winner Callum Hann's easy recipe for stir-fry noodles is fast, tasty and full of nutritious veggies!
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Does alcohol cause cancer?
Research shows that even moderate amounts of alcohol increase the risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, breast and bowel. To reduce your risk of cancer, limit your intake of alcohol, or better still, avoid it altogether.
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Isn't it expensive to quit smoking?
With the average price of cigarettes hovering around the $20 a packet mark, if you quit you stand to save a great deal.
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