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As the weather warms up, Shannon lets us in on her tips for finding an exercise that works for you, while Kat tries to entice us to get on our bike.

After all that exercise, we might feel like a sports drink, but are they all that they are cracked up to be?

Lastly, Linda says if her father had a bowel screening test early he might still be alive today.

We hope you enjoy this issue.
The Cut Your Cancer Risk Team

Man leaning against the edge of a swimming poolHow to make exercise work for you
To really make exercise habits last, you need to learn what works for you. Shannon provides some tips on how to find your workout personality.

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LindaI miss my dad: Linda's story
Almost 4,000 Australians are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year. In 2009, Linda's father John was one of them.

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Male drinking a sports drinkHealth claims on sports drinks: Don't be misled
Many of us would hesitate to reach for a Coke, knowing its significant sugar content can grow our waistlines and damage our teeth. But what about popular drinks promoted as 'healthier options' such as sports drinks?

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Five bicycles in a bike rackRide to work and help your body, mind and hip pocket
If you've been wanting to start riding to work, now's the time. Spring is perfect weather for cycling and there are some great resources on hand to get you started.
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Healthy tip
Try the H30 Challenge
The benefits of sugary drinks are just as they appear: short and sweet. A 600mL bottle of soft drink can contain 16 teaspoons of sugar but provide absolutely no nutritional value. Can you switch your sugary drinks for water for 30 days? Try the H30 Challenge and establish healthier eating habits.
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Does drinking water from plastic drink bottles cause cancer?
For many years, hoax emails have claimed that drinking from plastic bottles can cause cancer, especially if they have been left in cars, or frozen and reused. But in reality, there is no good scientific evidence to support these claims.
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I don't need sun protection if I use fake tan
False! Fake tanning lotion does not improve your body's ability to protect itself from the sun. Some fake tanning products contain sunscreen, but this only works for the first two hours after application. Learn how to protect your skin during sun protection times at

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