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Dear Supporter,

Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer. That's why we asked our Cancer Helpline nurses to write a blog about how to support a friend or family member going through a cancer diagnosis.

Also this month, the World Health Organization released draft guidelines that halved its previous recommended amount of added sugar in diets from 10 to 5 per cent. We reflect on the urgency this brings to introducing a new star labelling system in Australia that can help families make healthier choices.

The Director of Prevention at Cancer Council Victoria, Craig Sinclair, took the Fit Fam Challenge to motivate his family to get active and reflects on the experience.

Lastly, a trip to Berlin reminds Shannon why smoke-free is the place to be!

We hope you enjoy this issue.
The Cut Your Cancer Risk Team

Older male and femaleHow to support a family or friend with a cancer diagnosis
Whether you're someone with cancer or helping a friend, colleague or family member through a diagnosis, you will need help navigating life changes together.

Hard boiled lolliesRatings system a powerful weapon against obesity
The World Health Organization recently released draft guidelines that halved its previous recommended amount of added sugar in diets from 10 per cent to five per cent.

Tennis familyCan you still beat the kids in a scooter race down the street?
Craig Sinclair, Director of Prevention at Cancer Council Victoria, takes the Fit Fam Challenge and reflects on his experience.

Bans on smoking provide a breath of fresh air
Remember the days when smoking was allowed in pubs and clubs? When a night out left you gasping for fresh air? Shannon was reminded of those days during a holiday to Berlin, where revelers are free to smoke indoors.

Healthy tip
Are you keeping active?
Playing with the kids, walking to the shops, or taking the stairs instead of the lift; little by little, including incidental exercise in your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall fitness and health.
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Does alcohol cause cancer?
Any level of alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing an alcohol-related cancer; the level of risk increases in line with the level of consumption.
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Is there a link between root canals and cancer?
There is no credible evidence that having root canal treatment causes any type of cancer. Most of the websites claiming that root canal treatment is the cause of cancer (or cancer recurrence) refer to a study done nearly 100 years ago that has been debunked and contradicted by more recent research.
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