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15 June 2012

Ounce of prevention update

Welcome to winter – a time when you'd probably rather be curled up on the couch than getting active, but this month we have a sporty theme. We look at the difference between moderate and vigorous exercise, how we can jump up and down about junk food sponsorship in kids' sport, and the need to kick some goals in ridding alcohol from sporting sponsorship. If all that's not enough to get you thinking sporty, then take a look at Gabriela's amazing weight loss success story and how she's got 50 women shaking their bootie regularly.

Success story: Losing weight and feeling great – one woman's journey to bootie camp

When Gabriela Douglas welcomed her first child into the world it was a joyous time for the new mum, but it was also the time when harsh reality about her lifestyle hit.

Two weeks after the birth, Gabriela hesitantly got on the scales to see how much she weighed. When she saw 119 kilograms flash up on the screen below her, she knew she had some soul searching to do.

Read on for Gabriela's full story

Behind the news: An Irishman walks into a bar ...

Soccer ball and bottle of beer

The Irish Minister of State for Health recently committed to ending alcohol sponsorship of all sport as a public health measure. The Irish admit it's likely to be a lengthy process but nonetheless they join the UK and South Africa who are all making forward steps to phase out alcohol sponsorship in the sporting arena.

But what is Australia doing about it?

Advocacy: Kids' sport and junk food – something's gotta give

Three children with tennis racquets: Courtesy of Queensland Health 2010

Kids' sport and junk food – an obvious partnership? A responsible partnership? A partnership that puts the long-term (and short-term) health of Australian kids first and foremost? Unlikely.

So why are some of the biggest and unhealthiest fast-food companies in Australia seemingly taking over junior sporting competitions and clubs?

Find out more.

How to: Know what's vigorous and what's moderate – sorting out the huff and puff of physical activity

Man running with dog: Courtesy of Queensland Health 2010

When it comes to exercise people like to talk about exercise intensity – was it moderate or vigorous? High or low? Did it make you huff and puff? And will that make me buff?

We provide an overview of how to know if you're exercising at a vigorous or moderate level.

Read on for more.

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