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29 July 2011

Ounce of prevention update

July is a smoking hot month with the looming Plain Packaging Bill keeping Big Tobacco, health organisations and the government on their toes. In this update, we investigate the what and why on the olive green packaging and hear from Jared, as he reaches his one year smoke-free anniversary.

But that's not all. Struggle to work out which product is healthiest? We've got some tips on how to decipher food labels and finally, there's one less thing for gentlemen to worry about - the length of their fingers.

Success story: Jared approaches his one year smoke-free anniversary

Jared has kicked the habit and is now smoke-free. One year on Jared shares his story of quitting and sticking to his smoke-free guns. Here's his story.

Behind the news: Finger length not an indicator of prostate cancer risk

Man handGentlemen, there is now one less thing to worry about - your finger length. The good news is that finger length is not an indicator of prostate cancer risk.

There is a tendency for us to believe that cancer is out of our control - that it's something that just 'happens' like being born with one finger longer than another. But in truth, one third of cancer deaths are due to avoidable risks.

So, instead of worrying about risk factors that we clearly can't control, perhaps it makes more sense to focus on those we can.

Read on to find out more about the connection, or lack of thereof, between the length of your fingers and cancer risk.

Take action: Plain packaging

Plain packagingThe Plain Packaging Bill is expected to be passed when federal parliament re-sits in mid August. But the tobacco industry is threatening legal action and is running an advertising campaign playing on the idea of a 'nanny state'.

Cancer Council is advocating for plain packaging.

Read on to find out about the policy, the research behind it and what you can do to support plain packaging.

How to: Decipher a food label

Muesli in bowl with spoonPicking the healthy food option isn't always straightforward when you are looking at the label. We are faced with a smokescreen of misleading claims, such as '99% fat free', symbols and images when we're trying to decide which product to buy.

So how do you know what product to choose and which claims to be wary of?

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