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In our first edition for 2015, Luke tells how he cut out sugary drinks and lost 30kg while Laura shows us how to give your lunch a makeover with a jar.

Also in this issue, Shannon explains how star labels in the supermarket can help you make healthy purchases and Liv gives some tips for sticking to New Year's resolutions to quit smoking.

We hope you enjoy this issue.
The Cut Your Cancer Risk Team

Sample of health star rating systemSeeing stars: How to use the Health Star Rating System
If you've noticed stars popping up on the front of selected food products in the supermarket but had no idea what they mean, you're not alone. We show you how to use the stars to make healthier choices.

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Luke SultanLuke beats sugary drink 'addiction' and sheds 30kg
After years of drinking Coke most days, Luke Sultan has cut soft drinks and other sugary drinks out of his diet. He's helping us encourage other Aboriginal Victorian community members to rethink their sugary drinks.

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Salads in jarsThe fuss-free work lunch secret I wish I'd tried sooner
Laura has gone from the sad-sanga girl with lunch envy, to the ever-so-organised master of work lunches. She shares her tips for lunch-in-a-jar with us.

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FebfastStick to your New Year's resolution to quit smoking
If you made a New Year's Resolution to quit smoking and you're struggling to stay motivated, there are things you can do to help get you back on track, including taking part in FebFast Smoking.

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Healthy tip
A sporty SunSmart summer
Some of the world's biggest sporting events are coming to Victoria this summer! But while you're spectating, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays could be damaging your skin. Wear protective clothing, a broad-brimmed hat, sunscreen and sunnies, and seek shade. Use the SunSmart app to set sunscreen reminders so you don't forget!
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Are sports drinks a healthy option?
No. Electrolyte drinks provide a similar sugar hit to soft drinks and have no place in a healthy diet, even during moderate regular exercise. They may benefit elite athletes, but for the rest of us these drinks contribute excess sugar and kilojoules which can undermine our health.
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Quitting smoking is expensive
With the average price of cigarettes hovering around $20 a pack, deciding to quit to save money is a great idea. But what about the cost of quitting? Doesn't quitting itself come with a price tag? You might be surprised to learn that free or subsidised assistance is available to help you quit.
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