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Dear Supporter

We're back! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break as much as we did and you are refreshed and re-energised for the year ahead!

It's been a busy January so far here at cancer prevention HQ! The Quit team celebrated 50 years since the first report by the US Surgeon General stating that cigarettes are harmful to your health, and the alcohol team launched The Fizzers, highlighting the best and worst of alcohol policies in Australia.

Also in this issue, meet a quitter who successfully quit smoking following the new tax hike, which pushes the cost of a pack of cigarettes to almost $20, and we get tips from a year 8 student on how to survive the HPV vaccine.

Hope you enjoy this issue.
The Cut Your Cancer Risk Team

Teen maleHow to brave the HPV vaccine
This year, thousands of Victorian teens will be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus as part of the National HPV Vaccination Program. We asked Year 8 student Vinay Savur to tell us how he survived the jabs.

US Surgeon General Luther Terry50 years since historic report linked smoking to cancer
Fifty years after the US Surgeon General stated 'My advice to the smoker would be to stop cigarette smoking. My advice to the person who has not started smoking would be - don't start', the advice to smokers hasn't changed.

Two women drinkingLet's talk about Australia's drinking problem
Even moderate amounts of alcohol increase the risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, breast and bowel. Yet, hardly a month into the new year, news headlines highlighted the tragic stories of alcohol-fuelled violence on our streets.

Quitting to save your lungs, skin and hip (pocket)
On 1 December 2013, the Federal Government did what's proven to be the number one thing they can to help reduce smoking rates - they increased the tax on cigarettes.

Healthy tip
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Snap a photo showing us how much you're loving the summer weather and you could win over $2,000 in prizes.
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If I don't have a family history of bowel cancer, do I need screening tests?
People with a strong family history of bowel cancer are at higher risk, however there are other risk factors for bowel cancer.
Read more about bowel cancer screening

Frozen drinks aren't as bad for you as soft drinks
MYTH! As tempting as these cool, 'refreshing' beverages may appear to be, be warned, they are laden with copious amounts of sugar, providing up to 2,000 empty kilojoules per serve.
Find out more about what you're really drinking

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