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31 January 2012

Ounce of prevention update

If you're struggling to keep your New Year's resolutions, how about adding cancer screening? For the most part it's a simple task - therefore easy to cross off your list. Take our quiz to find the relevant screening tests for you. Bowel cancer survivor Graeme shares his story of how screening saved his life and we look at the latest debate around breast screening. Struggling to keep a hat on your toddler? It's not easy, but we've got some great tips on how to keep your kids SunSmart.

Success story: Bowel cancer survivor Graeme shares his story

A few weeks after his 65th birthday GP Graeme Jones received a package in the post. The package contained a bowel cancer test and Graeme discovered he had stage-3 bowel cancer.

Graeme explains how a simple at-home screening test helped save his life.

Behind the news: To screen or not to screen?

To screen or not to screen? Some people think that that is the question. You may have seen stories in the media over the last couple of months around the risks and benefits of mammograms.

Cancer Council Australia CEO, Ian Olver, sets the record straight.

How to: Keep your kids SunSmart

SunSmart toddler in hatIf you are an Aussie adult, hopefully you know and practice the score when it comes to protecting yourself from sun damage. What can be tricky is getting your kids to be SunSmart.

Whether they are little and constantly pulling their hat off, or if they are a bit older and don't want to look daggy when they are at the beach, fear not!

Have a look at our fabulous tips on how to keep your kids SunSmart.

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