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The countdown is on, just a few weeks to go until summer holidays! To help you stay healthy and happy during the silly season, we share our top tips on how to enjoy the festive cheer without a festive beer and how to make this New Year's quitting attempt a success. This month, we launched an entertaining new ad to highlight the absurdity of alcohol advertising during live sport and we need your support so share it with your friends. Lastly Cancer Council Victoria CEO, Todd Harper, questions the involvement of corporate giant Coca-Cola in bicycle initiatives.

Hope you enjoy this issue and thanks for your support in 2013!
The Cut Your Cancer Risk Team

Woman in Christmas outfitCelebrate this silly season with less alcohol
Drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancer. So how do you enjoy the festival cheer without the festive beer? Our resident non-drinker and blogger, Izzi, investigates.

Witch from adShame adMagic pancakes and alcohol don't mix
We recently launched a video highlighting the absurdity of allowing alcohol advertising during high-rating kids' shows - that is, alcohol advertising during live sport.

Kim's journeyNew Year's Resolution #1: Quit smoking
It's December 31 and a group of friends have the 'New Year's resolutions' chat. One of them says they're going to quit smoking. Sound like you or someone you know? Here's some tips to make this quit attempt work. we need to avoid peddling Coke
Bike-riding and a healthy free-wheeling childhood in Australia are intrinsically linked, which is perhaps why it is so jarring that this most innocent, and healthy, of pastimes is currently the target of corporate giant Coca-Cola.

Healthy tip
QuitTxt launched
Receive free SMS messages including tips and encouragement to help you keep on track throughout your quitting attempt.
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Why is the HPV vaccine being given to boys now?
In February 2013, Australia became the first country to extend the national HPV immunisation program to males.
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SPF50 is twice as good as SPF30
MYTH! SPF50 blocks out 98% UV light versus 96.7% blocked out by SPF30. A difference of just 1.3%. So just make sure you use SPF30+ or higher and apply generously.
View our how to apply sunscreen video

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