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21 August 2012

Ounce of prevention update

Welcome to the post-Olympics edition of this newsletter. Has Sally Pearson inspired you to get out there and get into it? If not, 75-year-old Sonja may provide some inspiration (and good reason) for keeping active. We call for a crackdown on discounts for solarium visits and better regulation of health claims on food labels, and Laura helps us to work out what those food label claims really mean.

Success story: Age is no barrier to strength and independence

When Sonja retired from work at age 60 with recurrent back problems, she was told she shouldn't be doing any lifting. Fifteen years down the track, she is Powerlifting 131 kilos and loving it.

Sonja shares her story with us.

Behind the news: Call for crackdown on 'bargain' deals for solarium visits

Females in solarium

The number of solariums across Victoria has dropped substantially since Clare Oliver died of melanoma almost five years ago.

However, it hasn't stopped discount deals being made available to entice people in.

We look at an area that might require further tigthening of the legislation around solariums.

Advocacy: Health claims on food labels – fact or fiction?

Apple with nutrition label: Courtesy of

Did you know that general health claims on food labels are not checked by any independent body before food products are released into the market?

Worringly, these labels could mislead shoppers into thinking they are buying healthy products that don't actually have any proven health benefits.

Find out what the Obesity Policy Coalition is lobbying for to improve this.

How to: Spot food labelling 'spin'

Question marks on dice: Image courtesy of

Pick up any food item in the supermarket and you're likely to find some kind of nutrition or health claim on the pack.

However in Australia, general health claims such as 'reduces your cholesterol absorption' and 'with probiotics to improve digestion', don't have to be independently checked.

We provide some tips on what to be wary of when it comes to these claims.

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