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In this edition, we'll answer some big questions like does eating red meat cause cancer, where are the new no-go smoking zones in Victoria and seven easy ways to help you cut back on soft drink that may be adding kilos to your waistline every year.

We'll head into the scary territory of how to conquer your fitness fears, suss out if electric blankets cause cancer and we'll also hear an inspiring LiveLighter journey of a woman motivated by her mother to take on a health transformation, plus some good news for fit middle-aged men.

We hope you enjoy this issue.
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Sugary drinks with sugar cubes beside themSeven easy steps to help you cut back on soft drink
Just one can of soft drink a day can lead to 6.5kg of weight gain over a year! Fortunately there are some easy steps you can take to cut back on your soft drink intake.

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LucyHow my mother's heart attack at my age encouraged me to LiveLighter
Lucy was turning 50 and was the heaviest she'd ever been. It dawned on her that her mother had her first heart attack when she was exactly her age. Something had to change.

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Group of people exercisingFive ways to conquer your fitness fears
When you haven't exercised for a while, the idea of hitting the gym can be a bit scary. But don't let your fitness fears stop you from exercising. Here's five of the most common fears and how to beat them.

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No smoking symbolNew no-go smoking zones
There has been a bit of noise about smoke-free areas lately, so what exactly has changed? Kate gives us the low-down.

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Healthy tip
Benefits for men who put in the hard yards
A new study of almost 14,000 participants shows that men who have aerobic fitness are at lower risk for lung and bowel cancers than their peers who move less. If the aerobically-fit men do get cancer from around age 65 on, they have improved odds of survival. Are you exercising but not feeling the huff and puff of vigorous exercise? Try active sports like football, squash, netball, basketball aerobics, circuit training, fast cycling and rowing to really get your heart rate pumping.
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Does eating red meat cause cancer?
If you're a meat-eater, you probably would agree that meat is delicious. But does eating this deliciousness regularly cause cancer?
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Does being in bed with an electric blanket cause cancer?
As the temperature drops, you might worry that sleeping on an electric blanket can be a bit risky by increasing your chance of cancer. Luckily, there is no conclusive evidence that shows a link between exposure to the electromagnetic fields from your electric blanket and cancer risk. But if you're concerned, try to just use your electric blanket to warm your bed and turn it off right before climbing in for the night.

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