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Most women cringe at the thought of having a Pap test, but not Beauty and the Geek contestant Jess Zinna. After a Pap test picked up a high-grade abnormality, the 26-year-old shares her life-changing experience and urges all women to undergo regular cervical screening.

Meanwhile, a new poll has revealed that a growing number of Australians think our nation has a problem with excess drinking or alcohol abuse. The majority also believe that more needs to be done. As Cairin explains, it's time to say 'when' on alcohol harm in Victoria.

The evenings are dark and the weather is cooler, so motivating yourself to exercise can be hard. But before you head for the couch, read our top tips for staying active (and warm) as the cold months start to settle in.

Lastly, we look at mammograms and why, despite recent negative press, they're still the best option for detecting breast cancer early.

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Older male and femaleHow to stay active during the cooler months
With winter fast approaching, finding the motivation to exercise can be tough. Warm up with our simple winter exercise tips.

Hard boiled lolliesTime to say when on alcohol harm in Victoria
A new poll shows Australians are increasingly concerned about alcohol-related harm and are thirsty for government action.

Tennis familyMammograms still best option for breast checks
Recent court cases have put mammograms in a negative light, but they're still the best test available for detecting breast cancer early.

Pap tests saved my life
Beauty and the Geek contestant Jess Zinna is urging women to have a Pap test every two years. They saved her life and could save yours, too.

Healthy tip
Get more active, more often in April!
Victorians are being encouraged to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day with the Premier's Active April. Participants receive giveaways and have the chance to win up to $40,000 worth of prizes. Are you up to the challenge?
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How do I check my skin for skin cancer?
If found early, skin cancer can usually be successfully treated. Get to know your skin and what is normal for you so any changes will be quickly noticed.
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Do carrots help protect against prostate cancer?
Before you stock up on carrots, see what Cancer Council Australia CEO Professor Ian Olver has to say on the latest study.
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