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2 April 2013

Ounce of prevention update

As we bounce back from our Easter break, we bring you our April issue (shh, don't tell anyone we skipped the March issue). Twenty-one year old Nathan shares his recent diagnosis of melanoma with us, Cairin looks at the next smokefree targets to tackle, and with a month of sun protection still required in Victoria, we share our video on how to apply sunscreen properly. And Amy gives us the lowdown on why we don't eat enough vegetables, and how we can increase our intake.

Your story: 21-year-old Nathan recounts his melanoma experience

Recently, Nathan woke up with a sense of urgency about going to see a doctor. He wanted to have a spot on his neck checked out. It turns out he was lucky he decided to go to the doctor rather than going surfing.

Nathan shares his story with us.

Research: How to get your five veg a day

Vegetables at market - Image courtesy of kratuanoiy /

Most people wouldn't be surprised to know that we're not eating enough vegetables. But here at Cancer Council we wanted to get to the bottom of this. Why aren't we eating more vegetables? And how can we overcome these barriers?

Amy reveals the problems to us, and gives us some handy hints for squeezing more vegetables into our day

Read on to find out more.

Advocacy: Call for smokefree outdoor dining and drinking in Victoria

No smoking - Image courtesy of creativedoxfoto /

We've recently heard the great news about upcoming smoking bans in Victoria for playgrounds, pools, skate parks and kids' sporting events, but we seem to be dragging our feet on smoking bans for outdoor dining and drinking areas.

Victoria is the only state that hasn't announced intentions for these bans to come into place.

Read on for more.

How to: Apply sunscreen properly


Slop on sunscreen! We often do it, but not correctly. With one month still left of high UV, most Aussies put on too little sunscreen, so SunSmart have put together a video to demonstrate the correct amount and way to apply sunscreen.

View it here.

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