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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Sexy diseases - what does it take to attract a celebrity to your cause?

Posted by Melissa on 09-08-2011

Here's an odd question for you - one that I never thought I'd ask in my years working in the media here in Melbourne: is there such a thing as a "sexy disease?" I'm sure if you ask the many people battling cancer in Australia, the answer would be a resounding "No."

A little ray of sunshine

Posted by Cairín on 05-08-2011

From the tall, dark and handsome among us to those that are pale and interesting, we all need a bit of sun to help with our vitamin D levels, which is essential for strong bones, muscles and overall health. It's just knowing how much sun is enough that can be the challenge.

John's story - why he stopped drinking

Posted by John on 02-08-2011

John talks about his decision to end his love affair with booze on Valentines Day.

Researchers' giant study - is it a big problem for tall women?

Posted by Sondra on 22-07-2011

According to a study released this week, tall women face an increased risk of a wide range of cancers compared to their shorter counterparts.

But dark chocolate is good for you - isn't it?

Posted by Melissa on 20-07-2011

Are you a believer? Do you believe the health advertisements that claim you can lose weight without exercise or diet, get rock hard abs in just a week or, with just five easy payments, you can own an exercising system with ropes and pulleys that clips to your door and turns you into some type of Adonis?

Cancer indicators - is there a link between prostate cancer and the length of your fingers?

Posted by Laura on 13-07-2011

Gentlemen, I'd like to give you one less thing to worry about - your finger length. And there is no big foot, big shoe innuendo coming, I promise. The good news is... that finger length is not an indicator of prostate cancer risk.

Porky pooches and lack of exercise - what does it take to get you moving?

Posted by Melissa on 05-07-2011

Newspaper readers were recently outraged by the "cruel treatment" of a pooch with an enormous girth - so if we adopt that attitude towards our pets, why don't we always have that same attitude towards our own health?

Cancer isn't very likeable . . .

Posted by Laura on 29-06-2011

1 in every 5 minutes spent online in Australia is spent social networking. How can we use social media to live a healthier life?

Clean living - without the hand sanitiser

Posted by Melissa on 21-06-2011

Please raise your hand if you have been guilty of being desperate for a sneaky drink after a stressful day at work, home or even university? Your first thought is heading straight to the pub, or to the liquor cabinet, to crack open a bottle of so-called liquid "problem solver."

Mobile phones - should they be ringing bells?

Posted by Bek on 03-06-2011

Red. Hot. Ear. Buzzing. Prickly. Side. Of. Face. Have I irradiated my ear? Or worse - lightly fried my brain like a scallop in butter sauce?

Casks and cancer - Is expensive wine better for you?

Posted by Bek on 27-05-2011

A couple of weeks ago we launched some new figures around the impact of alcohol on cancer. We might as well have burnt the Australian flag, barracked for the English cricket team and barbequed Skippy for the outrage it caused. For the past few weeks many individuals and interest groups have been responding to our position statement on alcohol with various arguments. Here is a case in point...

Fair weather friend or foe?

Posted by Cairín on 19-05-2011

Winter has suddenly set in, and while many of us are still busily unearthing dusty beanies, scarfs and gloves from under the bed, the sun has vanished leaving grey clouds and a chilling wind in its wake.

But instead of hibernating from the cold this winter, SunSmart is encouraging Victorians to get some sun exposure to help with vitamin D levels. Want to find out how to get your daily dose of d? Read on...

Get off your bum and start chewing gum!

Posted by Laura on 13-05-2011

Sitting (or sedentary behaviour) is directly linked to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. A recent research study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that desk jobs raise cancer risk.

So what can we do?

Alcohol and breast cancer - read Nina's story

Posted by Bek on 01-05-2011

Nina's life was forever changed when her 53 year old mother was diagnosed suddenly with breast cancer.

Global warming, cancer warning?

Posted by Cairín on 18-04-2011
Global warming, ozone depletion and climate change are perhaps the greatest threats currently facing our planet.