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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Finger length ratios and breast cancer risk

Posted by Bek on 26-09-2012

I just photocopied my hands to find out if the difference in the length of your fingers can predict your breast cancer risk?

Sex and cervical cancer

Posted by Amy on 20-09-2012
What does sex have to do with cervical cancer? Actually, it has everything to do with it. Put simply, if you're a woman and you've done it, then you're at risk.

Does lack of sleep increase your cancer risk?

Posted by Laura on 17-09-2012

Recent studies have shown that people suffering from sleeping disorders have increased risk of cancer. 

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people encouraged to reduce risk and live well!

Posted by Martin on 12-09-2012
I think we've all had that moment when you're in a foreign country where you don't speak the language all that well, you've spent the last 36 hours on the bus ride from hell, you're tired, you're hungry, you could really do with a strong latte from Brunetti's, and all you want to know is whether or not this is the place where everybody comes to see UFOs.

Fighting the good fight for healthy kids

Posted by jane on 05-09-2012
Recently, the Federal Government won its case for plain packaging against Big Tobacco. When you're working in public health advocacy it's these infrequent but important victories that keep you going because to be honest, there haven't been a lot of victories of late in regard to obesity policy.

Survey says dads need to eat more fruit and vegies

Posted by Melissa on 31-08-2012
So Father's Day is here, and as no doubt the infomercials will be telling us, it's time to think about what the best gift you can give your dad will be. While some sort of celebrity gym equipment may be the way to go for some dads, we think loving kids out there should think about buying their dad a big box full of healthy fruit and vegetables and find creative ways to get them to eat them.

Good spirits - Cancer Council asks how love, peace and hope help cancer patients?

Posted by Rebecca on 29-08-2012
We all know that feeling happy puts a bounce in your step. But how far can positive psychology really take us when it comes to cancer? It can't beat cancer the way surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can, but does feeling at peace with your situation mean you're more open to positive experiences along the way?

Call for crackdown on "bargain" deals for solarium visits

Posted by Cairín on 08-08-2012

On 13 September, it will be five years since Clare Oliver died from melanoma at just 26 years of age. Clare visited a solarium about 20 times in her early 20s and believed that these visits, combined with excessive sun exposure, contributed to her diagnosis.

Heineken the Greek God of Sport

Posted by Sondra on 31-07-2012
So Father's Day is here, and as no doubt the infomercials will be telling us, it's time to think about what the best gift you can give your dad will be. While some sort of celebrity gym equipment may be the way to go for some dads, we think l

Do nothing about cancer....AND make a difference!

Posted by Cairín on 27-07-2012

Instead of spending endless hours running around parks, swimming laps and mucking around with flour to raise money for cancer, why not take some time to smell the roses? Join the Daffodil Day Non-A-Thon this Friday 24 August by simply clocking off work an hour early and donating that hour’s wage towards cancer research, prevention and support.

No butts about it, giving up is the latest trend

Posted by Jessica on 19-07-2012

Yo-yos, tamagotchis, Doc Martins and tencel jeans – I've never met a trend I didn't like. But ill-advised fashion choices aside, it turns out I've been part of a trend all along and I didn't even know it.

From Elton John to the brain-bottom connection: unexpected side-effects of a standing desk

Posted by Bek on 12-07-2012

When Dwight from US series of ‘The Office' gets a standing desk, he makes several salient points (for a fictional character in a TV series) – he says he feels healthier and has more energy. He also likens his sitting colleagues to a ‘suicide cult'. Now while this is clearly an extreme statement, there is a kernel of truth to the fact that prolonged workplace sitting is emerging as a real public health issue.

Choosing to stop drinking from Dry July to learning to Say When...

Posted by Emily on 02-07-2012

It may be pouring outside but many Australians are kicking off the new financial year dry style - swilling non-alcohol beverages for the month of July (yes, just 31 days out of one's life if you fancy giving it a go).

McDonalds, Coca Cola and the London Olympics ... the obesity games?

Posted by Sam on 29-06-2012

In a month's time the Olympic torch will have found its way from Athens to east London ready for the opening ceremony of the 2012 games. It’s a games under much scrutiny for many reasons.

Will a cuppa give you prostate cancer? Reading the tea leaves

Posted by Melissa on 20-06-2012

An interesting story has hit the papers this week that may have some Scottish (and Australian) men checking under their kilts, especially if they like a cup of tea, or even seven.