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Who ever said weight loss was boring? Losing your silly season weight just got exciting

Monday 19 December, 2011 by Amy

So we're three weeks into December. What do we call this time of year again? The ‘silly season'? The ‘festive season'? The ‘pig-out, over-indulge, shudder at the thought of putting on a bikini season'?

I am not living in denial, or pretending what will be will not be. I am fully aware that my over-eating will continue at least into the new year, and I am reasonably confident there are a few others out there who will be joining me.

So of course the question is, how do we enjoy all the extra (and completely warranted) dinners/lunches/afternoon teas without starting 2012 at a new, roomier dress size?

Yep you guessed it - exercise!! Before you all start yawning with boredom, I have some excellent work-out options to keep you going this Christmas. Although I'm not sure we can completely guarantee they will actually help you lose weight or get fit, they are sure to keep you entertained for hours!

One of my favourites is definitely the hula chair. Name me another fitness device that can be used (and so inconspicuously) while you're at work. I see no holes whatsoever in this marketing strategy.

Then there's the treadmill bike - perfect for those of us who can't decide between going for a jog or a bike ride! Is there another piece of exercise equipment more convenient (and manoeuvrable)? I think not.

And finally - the shake weight. Nuff said.

Of course if none of these tickle your fancy - which I would find very hard to believe - you can also get some other great tips for keeping your weight down this holiday season on this website. And these ones might actually work!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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