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Victorian smokers quitting and staying quit more than ever

Tuesday 10 September, 2013 by Patrick

If you smoke, you've probably tried to quit.  

In fact, you've almost certainly tried to quit – new Cancer Council Victoria research shows that more than 8 in 10 Victorian smokers have made a quit attempt at some point.

The good news is that Victorians are getting better at quitting with success rates trending upwards for most demographic groups.

And despite younger smokers making more attempts, older smokers are quitting more successfully.

"These figures indicate that more Victorian smokers want to and are trying to quit than ever before and that more are achieving that goal which is fantastic news," said Quit Victoria's Executive Director Fiona Sharkie.

More than a quarter of smokers surveyed intended to quit within the next 30 days.

Ms Sharkie said there were a number of reasons older smokers may have been more successful at quitting than their younger counterparts.

"It may be that due to many previous unsuccessful attempts, they are taking their attempts more seriously and doing more preparation to ensure success, whether that's learning how to cope with their triggers, calling the Quitline or going to their doctor to get stop-smoking medication," she said.

So why do more want to quit? In a little over a decade, the number of smokers who have no intention of quitting in the next six months has dropped significantly from 49 per cent to 31 per cent.

Plain packaging of tobacco products, larger graphic health warnings and increases in the tobacco increase have all been introduced in recent years to curb the uptake of smoking and best encourage smokers to kick the deadly habit.

And an increased number of public smokefree areas help not only to discourage others from taking up smoking; they help remove extra temptations for former smokers that are doing their best to stay quit.

Take a look at the people that smoke around you. They've no doubt given quitting a crack, and there's every chance they'll be trying again soon. 

If you or someone you know could use help or advice to quit smoking, visit quit.org.au or give the Quitline a call on 13 7848.


Hello to everyone My name is Louise I stop smoking the 31 January 2012 I smoke for 40 years I had a pneumonia I had two choice one it to make my decision before somebody else will make the decision for me like god upstair and the other It was I want to live longer so I choose to quit and live longer I had bad days and good days but it possible to quit smoking I smoke for 40 years and I was saying all the time it not for me QUITTIING smoking I need my cigarettes in the morning with my coffee until I go to bed at night well it was all in my head I didn't use any product I don't believe in that I believe in me every month I reward my self because I deserve it I never thought I could do that Today I hit my 19.5 month smokefree Im very proud of me and Im proud to be a nonsmoker Louise

From: Louise, 11/09/2013

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