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Tanning and skin cancer - like playing Russian roulette (without the vodka)

Friday 6 January, 2012 by Justine

So the setting may not have been Russia but the roulette wheel was spinning. On one side I had a friend admiring her newly honey hued beach arms and on the other one loudly lamenting her porcelain pigment. "Enough" I cried like a time-out team captain, "Put down the revolver and pick up the sunscreen."

I was sitting between a ‘love to tanner' and a ‘wanna tanner' and when I explained the odds that two in three Aussies (you do the math girlfriend) are diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime they quietened down quicker than you can say Slip, Slop, Slap.

My friends fall in to the category of young people in denial about the risks of skin cancer. We hear about it in the news and see it in the statistics.

All the sunburns, tans, solarium visits or just simple day-to-day time spent outdoors without sun protection adds up, increasing your risk of skin cancer. You may not remember, but your skin does. Either way, it's not a game worth chancing.

When it comes to that "just a little bit of a tan" inkling, first consider there's actually no such thing as a safe tan - whether from the sun or a solarium. Tanning is a sign of your skin cells in trauma and the more your skin is over-exposed to UV radiation, the greater your risk of skin cancer.

There's a Dark Side to Tanning - and you can find out more by watching these commercials.

Don't sizzle for the sake of a tan - embrace your skin - even if it's whiter than a Polar bear in a snow storm.

Summer tans and memories may fade, but your skin remembers. Each sunburn or tan increases your risk of skin cancer.

Make your summer a summer to remember for the right reasons....

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I like the blog articles. Keep up the good work.

From: Keyana, 15/04/2013

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