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Road wars: car vs. bike

Tuesday 7 September, 2010 by Laura

The streets are a battle zone: particularly at commuter o'clock, when everyone is going to or leaving work. Traffic jams are becoming a frequent problem and getting from A to B takes longer than ever.

But the car is losing its cool. There is a challenger for road space as more and more people are opting to cycle rather than drive. The number of bikes is on the up. And not only is it eco friendly but you burn calories and keep fit too. If you type "car vs. bike" into Google Fight today you will have a clear winner. But I think that the odds are tipping in favour of the bike.

Kingston Council has played its hand in favour of the bike, as has Port Phillip. The latest to prioritise cyclists is Bayside. It has now approved a 12-month trial, banning parking from 6-10 am over the weekend along Beach Road . Cyclists can now ride all along Route 33, from Mordialloc to Port Melbourne, without the obstacle of parked cars.

Getting on your bike is a fab way to get a round, avoid the traffic and to be active. You needn't be a lycra-clad cyclist with a racing bike to escape the traffic and enjoy a ride along the beach over the weekend, I happily slot in with my third-hand mountain bike.

We spend a lot of time trying to convince people to get active. It's not about being an exercise nut; spending every night at the gym, drinking protein shakes or doing triathlons, but you do need to get moving. Going for a walk, swimming and cycling are all great ways to be physically active and to reduce your cancer risk.

We need to be active every day to reduce our cancer risk - up to one hour of moderate activity or 30 minutes of vigorous activity. It sounds like a lot but don't worry, if you're not into sport or cycling just get creative. Why not go and chat to your colleague across the office rather than send an email, walk the kids to school rather than drive and take the stairs, not the lift?

Here are a few more ideas about how to keep active:
- Do some vigorous housework - mopping floors and mowing the lawn are great
- Dance around in your pyjamas
- Hit the surf
- Take to the ballroom, or salsa studio

What other fun ways can you come up with to get active?

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