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Do nothing about cancer....AND make a difference!

Friday 27 July, 2012 by Cairín

Who hasn't experienced the heartbreaking long goodbye when someone you love loses their battle with cancer? So many people have been touched by this rampant disease. It steals quietly into your life, an unknown force with all-encompassing implications.

A few years ago, driven by the desire to contribute something positive towards cancer research, I started running to fundraise. I began with short distances and worked up to half marathons.

Doing a fun run, a golfing tournament or even a morning tea to raise money for cancer is fantastic. There is a real feeling of accomplishment and achievement from taking action.

But sometimes it can be tough to commit the time and effort involved in training, baking or doing what you need to do. Family commitments, work or even your social life can get in the way.

And if there is one lesson learnt from cancer, it’s that life is short. You don’t know when your time is up so you need to make the most of every day and never pass up on an invitation to have fun!

So this year, instead of spending endless hours running around parks, swimming laps and mucking around with flour, why not take some time to smell the roses and raise money for cancer at the same time!

Join the Daffodil Day Non-A-Thon  this Friday 24 August by simply clocking off work an hour early and donating that hour’s wage towards cancer research, prevention and support.

Reckon your boss might not look kindly upon you strolling out the door at 4 o’ clock with roses in hand?! The lovely people running Daffodil Day here at Cancer Council have promised to email your boss personally and ask them nicely to cut you a little slack.

What would you do with an extra hour in your day?

I’ll be spending that extra hour appreciating the simple, wonderful things in life, like riding my bike and calling my mum for a chat. All the while, I’ll be thinking about those loved ones who have passed away, their time in this world tragically claimed by cancer. 

Join me and do nothing about cancer to make a difference. Sign up here: http://nonathon.com/


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