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Are mobile phones really frying our brains?

Tuesday 10 May, 2016 by Luke

Much backyard BBQ banter on the weekend about which pocket we place our mobile phone in, and whether we're all going to have radioactive bums!

Not to mention what these phones might be doing to our brains! (You can imagine the jokes that followed about jeans pockets, bums and brains...).

There are many myths floating about regarding mobile phones and their ability to cause brain cancer.

A new study, led by the University of Sydney, has just shown that the incredible rise in mobile phone use has NOT caused a rise in brain cancer at all.

Mobile phone use began in 1987, and pretty much everyone has one now. Even the Dalai Lama! Yet brain cancer has NOT increased in any age group since 1982, apart from those aged 70–84.

The researchers were keen to point out that the slight increase in the older age group was most likely due to improved ability to test for cancer, rather than an actual increase in cancer incidence. They were also able to track the increase to pre-1987 when mobile phones were a crazy idea and we were all still tying messages to the feet of pigeons.

Phew, one less thing to worry too much about. But don't stop the BBQ banter!

For more information visit ARPANSA's Mobile phones and health


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