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Mirror Mirror on the wall - Who's the fairest of them all?

Wednesday 16 March, 2011 by Cairín

At this week's L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF), the natural look is set to be among the key trends on the autumn-winter catwalks.

That's right.. forsake the fake tan and get rid of the gloves. Finally, fashion is giving you the green light to bare what is beautiful and show off the skin you're in! Even Herald Sun's fashion reporter, Emily Power, says so in today's paper highlighting that ‘the bronze Aussie glow is out, with natural beauties shining on the runways at this year's festival.

Hurray , I hear many of you rejoicing. For too long we have been spending our precious time and dollars on tubes of brown gloop. Many of us have been struggling for years to avoid the dreaded streaky look and orange palms as we attempt to get that elusive even application.

But this year, we are being told to embrace the pale and end the reign of tangerine tan terror.

I, for one, am particularly thrilled with this news. An avid tanner in a past life, I thought that tanning was the ultimate accessory for every outfit. Hours and hours I spent in the sun but to no avail. Sure, I was a few shades darker briefly before it all peeled off and dissappeared. I also got a permanent scar on my arm for my trouble from where I had a melanoma removed. Certaintly not worth it.

Following my experience, I decided to shun the sun and fake it, not bake it. But I realised that wasn't much of a party in the park either. Every time I tried to use fake tan I would end up looking like an umpa lumpa. It simply wasn't worth the time or the effort.

So I kicked the creams to the kerb and went white! And I havent regretted it once. I've freed up lots more time to do other things I enjoy and I never have to worry about anyone thinking I have some sort of rare skin condition again.

However many people continue to torture themselves. In fact, ‘tanorexia' featured in the Good Weekend a few weeks ago signifying a new phenomenon that is invading modern society. ‘Tanorexia' is a modern disease that prevents the sufferer for seeing what others do- that their skin colour renders them indistinguishable from a terracotta pot. Tanorexics feel they can never be tan enough, and will either tan-bed or fake-tan their way to the desired result.

I'm sure we all know the type. She's the girl who's never without bronzer in her handbag and generally gives you this inexplicable urge to steer them towards a carwash or some type of running water.

Well at last you can tell your inner tanorexic to take a holiday. The fashion gods have spoken and her presence is no longer required! So take a stroll down the pale trail - I think that you'll like what you find there.

To go in the draw to win tickets to a show this Saturday, tell us in 25 words what you think about LMFF embracing natural skin colour at this year's event? Leave your answer in the comment section below and don't forget to add your name, phone number and email to enter!

Best of luck fashionistas and remember - trends come and go but you've got to wear your skin forever so treat it with care.

To find out more about how to protect yourself from skin cancer, visit sunsmart.com.au and become a fan of our new facebook page for blog updates.


I commend the LMFF for embracing people's natural colour, rather than what is cool. General acceptance of people's natural form is truly remarkable.

From: Mel, 15/04/2013

I dream of that gorgeous pale skin, the type that looks porcelin and works with a 40s wave. I think it's a truly wonderful way to portray the models. Love yourself as you are and share the example for a better world. Vogue can quote me on that.

From: Luciana, 15/04/2013

It's great thay fashion is saving lives, wrinkles and bad tan lines by encouraging everyone to stay natural.

From: Chloe, 15/04/2013

I love how this year they have decided it is 'out' but for fashion reasons eg it doesn't match the clothes they're showing rather than for the health benefits ...

From: Helen, 15/04/2013

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