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Like sugary drinks? Might be time for a rethink

Thursday 24 October, 2013 by Amy

Check out this new ad from Rethink Sugary Drink. We promise you'll never look at a soft drink can the same way again.

That shiny, enticing exterior is merely distracting you from what's inside. One can of regular soft drink makes up almost half your recommended daily intake of sugar – 10 teaspoons of the stuff. And if you opt for a 600ml bottle of the regular variety, you're looking at a massive 16 teaspoons, in a few gulps!

If you're not burning off all these extra kilojoules then you could be drinking yourself fat and increasing your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

Sugary drinks – Australians love the stuff. We buy over 1.25 billion litres of soft, sport and energy drinks annually, and our kids are amongst the biggest global guzzlers. Almost half of Australian children have a sugary drink every single day.

With six in 10 Australian adults and a quarter of kids overweight or obese, the risk to our long-term health is, well, massive.

Here are the ramifications of our in-fat-uation with sugary drinks:

  • It makes no difference whether you drink a diet or low sugar variety – a can a day won't keep the dentist away. It will significantly increase your risk of tooth decay and erosion.
  • Diabetes is set to become Australia's number one disease of burden in the next five years. The consumption of sugary drinks is a major cause.
  • It's not just the kilojoules from the can in front of you – people who drink sugary drinks tend to consume more kilojoules overall.
  • If you were to drink a 600ml soft drink each day for a year you would consume a whopping 23 kilos of sugar.

It's no wonder the World Health Organization recommends soft drink consumption be restricted, and the World Cancer Research Fund recommends it be avoided altogether.

So next time you're thinking about cracking a can you'd do well to remember this video. It could save you some damage in the long run.

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