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How to be healthy and NOT get fat at the office

Wednesday 6 June, 2012 by Amy

You all know what I'm talking about. Particularly, I assume, if your workplace is a tad female-heavy like mine is (not that I'm complaining of course).

Birthdays, going-aways, engagements, brainstorms, fundraisers, morning teas, afternoon teas, good news celebrations, slightly-longer-than-average meetings, because it's Fridays, because I'm tired, does there have to be a reason for cake.....

Where there is the will, there is a way to find a sweet treat occasion at the office any time, any day and for any reason.

So what do you do if you're trying to be healthy or heaven forbid lose weight? How do you resist the temptation without causing offense, risking ridicule or being labelled the office health nut (pardon the pun)?

Quite seriously, these are necessary considerations when planning not to participate in this frenzied eating ritual. There is genuine risk of being ostracised forever.

Tips for not over-indulging without being ostracised forever:

  • Bring in your own treats to share with colleagues - that's right, carrot sticks with low-fat hommus is a treat!
  • Find another resister and make a silent pact to support each other in times of peer pressure.
  • If possible, arrive slightly late or leave the celebrations slightly early to avoid the actual cake-cutting itself.
  • Hold a cup of tea or coffee at the meeting - fingers crossed your colleagues will be in such a tizzy of treat-expectant excitement that they'll mistake your cup for a cupcake.
  • Tell your colleagues you are going out for a treaterific lunch/dinner and you don't want to fill up beforehand.

If all this fails, maybe keep it simple and tell your workmates the truth: overeating (particularly on foods high in salt and saturated fats including chips, cakes and biscuits) can cause weight gain and obesity which can lead to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Maybe play around with the wording first...

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