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The FebFast finale finally!

Monday 28 February, 2011 by Cairín

It's almost all over. Today is officially my last day of FebFast. What a rollercoaster ride the last month has been.

From rocky beginnings, I think I have come a long way in the last 28 days. For one thing, I've caught up on 10 years of sleep deprivation. I've been inducted in to the strange and wonderful world of early morning singing spinners. I have even developed a taste for yoga and meditation as an alternative means of finding that weekend feeling.

For those of you following my journey and perhaps considering a similar undertaking, I would certainly recommend that you give it a go. Despite any difficulties, it's been a really refreshing and rewarding experience. To make your journey a little easier, I have put together some lessons that I have learnt along my wine-less way. Enjoy!

  • Monday-morningitis and alcohol consumption are unfortunately unrelated. Despite not having a single drop of wine all weekend, it was still challenging getting up for work come Monday morning.
  • Angry-morningitis and alcohol consumption are inextricably linked. My desire to take body attack to all new levels at my early morning class decreased markedly over time.
  • Friday after work is the toughest time to resist a drink. After slogging it out in the office all week, slugging back a drink can seem like the perfect remedy. When it's off limits, exhaustion simply takes over, and 5pm after-work drinks feels like torture! I found myself finding it hard to concentrate and unable to stop looking at my watch as I waited for a reasonable hour to slink home to bed!
  • On the plus side, I have saved a small fortune. I have also read numerous books, enjoyed marathon sleeps on the weekends and avoided the booze blues that inevitably result in hours and hours of precious weekend-time spent sitting on the couch, mindlessly watching DVDs.

Which leads me to wonder what kind of world we would live in if everyone went on a booze ban. Just imagine people sitting around bars and cafes on a Saturday morning, bright-eyed and alert, devouring books with their eggs and exercising like demons.

Everyone would have so much more free time at his or her disposal to read, reflect and build. Surely, in such circumstances we would be light-years ahead of our time in terms of technology. I imagine we would be driving hovercrafts to work, catching flying buses and maybe even have found a cure for cancer.

Unfortunately I can't convince the world's population to pull the plug on pints but I can urge everyone to think twice before reaching for that second or third drink.

I will certainly be changing my wayward ways by minimising my alcohol consumption and maintaining some of the good habits I picked up along my journey. From now on I'll be aiming to balance being sociable with maintaining a healthy body and mind, as well as reducing my reliance on wine to unwind.

For more information about how to limit your alcohol consumption, go to http://www.cutyourcancerrisk.org.au/how/limit-alcohol.html

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