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Good start to FebFast - here's hoping I last!

Tuesday 1 February, 2011 by Cairín

Last week I decided it was time to ween myself off the vino and get in shape. After the indulgences of Christmas back home in Ireland and throwing myself into summertime fun on my return back to Melbourne, my body is crying out for a booze ban and a healthier lifestyle.

So I have signed up to FebFast - a national health and charity campaign that challenges Australians to forgo alcohol for the month of February.

In anticipation of the start of my FebFast challenge, I decided to see out the last day of the month by putting my best foot forward and hitting the gym first thing on Monday morning. Brimming with enthusiasm to shed the Christmas kilos, I dragged myself out of bed at 6 am, cursing the Sunday night eager beaver that I am, and headed to my first body attack class of 2011.

No sooner had the class begun than I was regretting it! Bouncing and jumping jacking around the place at the crack of dawn, after a few sensible glasses of wine over the weekend, is just no fun at all! Adding insult to injury, an extremely slim woman who joined the class late decided to plonk her teeny, tiny self right beside me.

Ordinarily this would not bother me. However, not only was this woman enragingly trim but she also completely violated gym etiquette by insisting on jumping her jacks right into my work out area forcing me to move out of the way.

My pulse increased about ten fold as I felt the rage rising up in my chest. Just as I was imagining myself high kicking her in the backside, I realised that potentially I was being completely irrationally irritable. So with difficulty, I kept my eye on the instructor and myself as far away from her as possible.

According to FebFast Nutritionist, Lola Berry, alcohol is a depressant, stripping the body of B vitamins that control the chemicals that make us happy. No wonder I was growling at the emaciated gym goer - it was the glass of wine on Saturday night that made me do it!

Apparently, you don't get back to normal for about three days and by then you are probably reaching for another drink. So by my calculations, I haven't been ‘normal' for about ten years.... Mmmm, perhaps this foray into FebFast will reveal more than I bargained for!

Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I got to work. So I whipped out my dandelion tea, a coffee alternative that aids in digestion and enhances detoxification, in order to absolve myself from my erratic start to the day! To my surprise, it was quite a pleasant experience. Maybe this FebFast fiasco won't be as bad as I fear.

Furthermore, even moderate amounts of alcohol increase your risk of certain types of cancers so if you, like myself, enjoy a drink, its important to learn how to limit your alcohol consumption. If you don't fancy joining me down the path of abstinence, visit our limit alcohol tips page to find out how you can make some simple changes to cut down.

In the upcoming weeks, as I continue my FebFast journey, I'll be blogging about the dandelion tea highlights, the murderous gym thoughts lows and everything else in between! Stay tuned....


Good on you Cairin! I'm impressed. I'll attempt a feb-moderation in support of your efforts.

From: Chris, 15/04/2013

How inspiring...must give those dandelion soy lattes a try! I'm with you every step of the way...well maybe not the Monday 6am steps but eager for the next instalment to keep me going! Rest up this weekend ;)

From: Orla, 15/04/2013

I'm with you on the Feb fast and can also vouch for the dandy tea, not sure about the body attack-communal jousting at 6 am is too much for me

From: Sue, 15/04/2013

well done...We in the northern hemisphere are tuned in and looking forward to the next update... good luck over the weekend

From: Orlaith, 15/04/2013

Great start! Well done! Keep up the good work. We're looking forward to reading more very soon- great writing!

From: Liadh&Sibeal, 15/04/2013

Well impressed Cairin! Loved your story about 6am Body Attack class- that's motivation. Looking forward to the next installment of the alcohol blog blaster. Perhaps you will enjoy the new you so much you'll decide to Marchfast, Aprilfast and Mayfast along with me!!

From: Marnie , 15/04/2013

Fantasic start to your FebFast - I am impressed. I'll be checking in to see how you are getting on!

From: Cooleen, 15/04/2013

Wait til you discover a dandelion soy latte (which can appear as a reverse acronym on menus as “LSD”) - it will revolutionise your detox world

From: Em, 15/04/2013

Don't be too hard on yourself. You looked great at christmas I admire you doing this and it can only make you feel better so onwards and upwards.love noelle

From: noelle, 15/04/2013

Well done for deciding to do it - not sure about the dandelions, but hopefully you won't find the rest too hard - I found a blanket ban on alcohol when I did Dry July a couple of years ago was actually much easier and more effective than all my previous good intentions to drink less, or less frequently.

From: Jen, 15/04/2013

Good for you Cairin, will be watching the blogg with interest to see how you fare. Not only, not drinking for a month, but combining that hardship, with 6.30 gym workouts, would be too difficult for me altogether.

From: mags, 15/04/2013

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