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Tell us what inspires you to exercise for a chance to win . . .

Tuesday 30 August, 2011 by Laura

Each month we send out a newsletter to our subscribers. We always feature an inspirational success story: this could be someone that has turned their life around to reduce their cancer risk; who has screened for cancer, caught it and beat it; or kicked a bad habit, like smoking.

This month Pip shared her story about losing her mother to cancer and how this inspired her to take up running. She has now taken part in over 20 fun runs and has climbed one of the world's tallest mountains.

You can read the full story here. But here is a sneak-peak:

"Two years after Mum died I was driving past the Tan track in Melbourne and I saw a group of people taking part in a fun run. It was Mother's Day - which had become a really difficult time - as soon as I saw the runners I realised this was something I could do on Mother's day to celebrate my Mum and her love of running."

Pip's top tip for people keen to start running was to get good running shoes. She recommended Shoe Logic as a great place to get runners in Melbourne and they gave us some vouchers to giveaway to our blog fans!

For your chance to win tell us what inspires you to exercise by posting a response on the blog. You can tell us on Facebook, and via Twitter @CancerVic using #motive2move too.

The best responses will get a discount voucher. So let us know what inspires you and we'll be announcing our winners two weeks today - on the 13 September.

Oh, and if you haven't already but you'd like to, you can sign up to our monthly newsletter on our home page www.cutyourcancerrisk.or.au


Getting a dog has been my inspiration. You just can't say no to the big puppy dog eyes! It's been great we've explored around the local neighbourhood, enjoyed beautiful frosty mornings in winter, met other locals and it's beautiful seeing the the sunrise.

From: Kim, 15/04/2013

My inspiration is trying to offset the dud hand nature gave me in the looks department.

From: C, 15/04/2013

My friends inspire me to exercise - althought it doesn't seem like exercise at all really. Taking a walk along the beach in Port Melbourne/St Kilda and chatting with friends is great, not only do we gain the health benefits of walking, we also laugh a lot and catch up on all the important gossip and news.

From: Stella, 15/04/2013

Personally I used to lack the motivation to exercise. I think sites like this are a great inspiration. In my own experience, meeting people on a blog like this and reading there comment inspired me to kick myself into gear. Now I work out for 2 hours at the gym everyday. Also, I have reduced my nicotine intake by up to 70%! :D

From: Jezabell, 15/04/2013

I took up running at the beginning of this year even though I was always a very poor runner - I was always getting stitches which made me stop start stop start constantly. But with the help of a running buddy and being in a work place surrounding by people who focus on lowering the risk of cancer - I was really inspired to keep at it. I now run regularly at the gym & also around the tan once a wee...k. Slowly but surely I feel that I am getting stronger and improving my running not to mention the stitches have stopped! I would say I'm continually inspired by my workmates and motivated by my running buddies. If you go with a friend its so much easier! Recently I've also motivated a workmate to take up running with me - its contagious! All I need now is a new pair of running shoes to minimise shin splints ;p

From: Suzanna, 15/04/2013

Thanks for all your responses so far. only a few days until the competition is closing...

From: Laura - CYCR team, 15/04/2013

My favourite jeans inspire me to exercise regularly and keep in shape!

From: sarah, 15/04/2013

A couple of things inspire me to exercise. 1) stress relief and meditation -I find both running and swimming a quick and reliable way to de-stress and also to meditate (listening to breathing and footfall/stroke patterns is very rythmic). 2) My sister has a lot of serious health issues that stop her from doing a lot of things. So I sort of feel like "I'm here, healthy and can do it - so I should!!". 3) I am a bit of a rock climbing junkie. And as you progress through the grades it becomes apparent how important some cardiovascular fitness is (+ walking up steep tracks to get to some areas can make you more tired than the actual climbing). So on top of training for rock climbing, I run and swim for fitness.

From: Jody, 15/04/2013

The amount of diabetes (both kinds) in my family inspires me to never get fat. After that the reasons become increasingly vanity based. i.e. looking good, projecting an image of a person less lazy than I am, outrunning the inevitable robot/zombie hoards.

From: Nick, 15/04/2013

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