I have been recalled for more tests after a routine screening. I am 57, lead a healthy lifestyle and no cancers of any kind in my family. Three of my grandparents lived to over 90 (one was 100). I am scared of what they might find, that it will be something that I have to have a biopsy for and then turn out to be one of the so called cancers that would never have progressed but I will feel compelled to be treated. I already feel like a breast cancer patient! I didn't know any of this research about screening. If I had I would not have bothered to go. I now feel I am on a no way back path to some sort of diagnosis! Breast screen NSW could not get me in for assessment for a month so I have made an appointment with a private clinic and will pay the gap. The anxiety of waiting is really affecting my life at the moment. I was then rung by a nurse at breast screen asking me did I know the implications of going private. That I could not return to breast screen for this "episode" if I found that the private system took longer to schedule me for a biopsy. She told me how seamless their service was in doing the diagnostic mammogram, the ultrasound and then biopsy on the same day if need be. The reason I don't want to go to breast screen is exactly this over the top approach. They have everyone there and you get a time with the nurse, doctor, radiologist etc and all the time feeling they have already diagnosed you. I just need to know now what they have seen and go privately to get in earlier. The call by breast screen pointing out the need to know the potential consequences of my decision has only stressed me more. I wish I had the strength to just not go to the follow up and never go to screening again.