I’m positive about the message, but I think the fashion industry shouldn’t be given much applause for their stance. On high fashion runways the problem certainly isn’t *too much* colour. Just take a look at the L’Oreal Fashion Festival pages, pale and white tends to be the rule (and has been for while), and there is an obvious lack of ethnic diversity. For high fashion models tanned skin is not desirable, which is not the case for their commercial and catalogue counterparts, and unfortunately this aesthetic is promoted for reasons unrelated to health. It’s an easy move for them to take an anti-tanning stance because tanning was never a problem in the first place. Overall it’s a good message, but this is a bad forum for it. It would be great to see it carried over into more appropriate venues with commercial and catalogue models, where the tanned look is certainly in vogue and may have greater capacity to reach to general population.