I am quite resentful of my experiences of pap smears. I went to the family planning clinic twenty odd years ago to ask for the pill. I was a virgin and but I was entering into a relationship. I was a shy person and was embarrassed enough already to ask for the pill. The nurse or doctor's first response was "you HAVE to have a pap smear." So there I was, forced into having one before I even had sex. Over the years looking back I have never actually been asked if I want one and I have never had pap smears explained to me. So when I had a had an abnormal reading once I assumed like a lot of women that I had early stage cancer. I don't don't why women are treated in such a paternalistic way when it comes to pap smears. I have been married for 15 years now and I have decided not to have any more as I resent the way the program has been implemented. There seems to be little acknowledgement until now what an invasive and embarrassing test it is and always the assumption that our modesty and dignity is not important.