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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Time to get unhooked on hookah pipes

Posted by Karl on 14-11-2014
Smoke from a hookah pipe contains many of the same toxins as cigarette smoke including carbon monoxide, nicotine and heavy metals that cause cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer and addiction.

More to Movember than facial hair

Posted by Liv on 06-11-2014
It's that time of year again, Movember, when it is acceptable for men to sprout moustaches. The facial hair crusade is not limited to hipsters and Santa Claus wannabes, but open to anyone who can grow a bit of fluff on their upper-lip. 

What triggers your smoking?

Posted by Karl on 28-10-2014
Before lighting up that next cigarette, how many of us stop to think what factors might have influenced us to want to smoke in the first place?

Ride to work and help your body, mind and hip pocket

Posted by Kat Clay on 23-10-2014

Wednesday October 15 was national Ride2Work Day. Spring is perfect weather for cycling to work and there are some great resources on hand to get you started.

How to make exercise work for you

Posted by Shannon on 16-10-2014
To really make exercise habits last, you need to learn what works for you.

(Winter sun + exercise) - sun protection = Vitamin D!

Posted by Peta Dyke on 17-07-2014

Peta explores how to keep her vitamin D at a healthy level during winter.

What should I do if someone I love smokes?

Posted by Luke Atkin on 31-05-2014

At Quit we get calls from family members worried about their loved ones smoking, the impact it is having on their health, and how it may be influencing the kids.

My 12 weeks without booze

Posted by Julieanne on 20-05-2014
To reduce the risk of cancer, you should limit your intake of alcohol or, better still, avoid it altogether.

Mammogram still best option for breast checks

Posted by Terry Slevin & Rebecca Johnson on 03-04-2014
When you undergo a test or treatment that aims to improve your health, how do you know it will work?

Bans on smoking provide a breath of fresh air

Posted by Shannon on 04-03-2014
When it comes to banning smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas, the Victorian government has failed to act.

March Against Melanoma

Posted by Peta on 21-02-2014
To raise awareness and promote the importance of early detection and prevention of skin cancer and melanoma, the Skin Cancer Foundation together with the Emily Tapp Foundation have organised March Against Melanoma.

50 years since historic report links smoking to cancer and some still in denial

Posted by Jess on 16-01-2014
Fifty years after the U.S Surgeon General launched a landmark report, which definitively linked smoking with cancer and death for the first time, the advice to smokers from health authorities hasn't changed.