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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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The bachelor - a potentially deadly way of life

Posted by Laura on 28-10-2011

Can a walk down the aisle and saying ‘I do' really reduce our cancer risk? Norwegian researchers think so after finding that bachelors are twice as likely to die of cancer compared to married men. Their study looked at death rates over a 40 year period, and included over 440,000 men and women diagnosed with cancer.

Keeping abreast of the breast cancer issues

Posted by Melissa on 19-10-2011

October is an important month for us here at Cancer Council - and not just because the mighty Geelong Cats won the AFL grand final on October 1 this year (forgive the gratuitous plug but I'm a very happy fan). It's because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Planning to swap it

Posted by Laura on 11-10-2011

Planning ahead isn't my forte, but I have been somewhat inspired by the announcement of the National 12 week ‘swapping' challenge.

Race Day Survival Guide: A Must Read Guide for All Racegoer's

Posted by Cairín on 07-10-2011

With spring in the air and the Grand Final behind us, non-footy types across the country can be heard exhaling an auditable sigh of relief. The next big thing on everyone's social calendar is the spring racing carnival and following on from that is a seemingly endless line up of festivals and barbeques. In other words, summer's coming!

The balancing act of cancer prevention

Posted by Laura on 03-10-2011

News last week that women diagnosed with breast cancer are failing to give up smoking or drinking is something that's inspired me to put finger to keyboard and get a few issues off my chest...