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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Having a yarn about bowel cancer - the official launch

Posted by Melissa on 26-09-2011

As we've often discussed here at Cancer Council, talking about the health of your bowel and bum may not be the type of conversation you like to have over the dinner table. But it is such an important conversation to have - especially with those friends and family who are 50 and older.

HPV Vaccine: Friend or Foe?

Posted by Amy on 16-09-2011

The battle to become the next Republican presidential candidate usually brings with it some fantastically outrageous claims, and this time is no exception...

Pedal power!

Posted by Cairín on 07-09-2011

I was recently inducted to the wonderful world of riding to work. An avid train commuter for years, the idea of riding to work hadn't really occurred to me before, largely due to the fact that I didn't own a bicycle. But after investing in a set of hot pink wheels, I was inspired to ditch the rail trail and roll to work instead!

How do you have that awkward conversation about cancer screening with dad?

Posted by Melissa on 02-09-2011

Posted by Melissa, 02 September 2011:  I'm not sure about you, but as Father's Day approaches, my thoughts are turned to all things family and gifts-for-dad-related. It may just be that I'm a sucker for those endless infomercials with the "latest and greatest, must haves for dad" interlaced with that saccharine sweet daddy-daughter music which tugs at the heart and purse strings simultaneously. Or it may be that Father's Day makes me think how extraordinarily lucky I am that my dad is still around.