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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Beyond marketing - will 50+ sunscreen make a difference?

Posted on 20-09-2010
It's creating quite a buzz all this talk of SPF 50+ sunscreen. Will 50 be the new 30? Surely the higher the number the better off you are right? Well it may be the case if we're talking about your bank account, but not necessarily when it comes to sunscreen.

Road wars: car vs. bike

Posted by Laura on 07-09-2010
The streets are a battle zone: particularly at commuter o'clock, when everyone is going to or leaving work. Traffic jams are becoming a frequent problem and getting from A to B takes longer than ever.