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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Cancer isn't very likeable . . .

Posted by Laura on 29-06-2011

1 in every 5 minutes spent online in Australia is spent social networking. How can we use social media to live a healthier life?

Clean living - without the hand sanitiser

Posted by Melissa on 21-06-2011

Please raise your hand if you have been guilty of being desperate for a sneaky drink after a stressful day at work, home or even university? Your first thought is heading straight to the pub, or to the liquor cabinet, to crack open a bottle of so-called liquid "problem solver."

Mobile phones - should they be ringing bells?

Posted by Bek on 03-06-2011

Red. Hot. Ear. Buzzing. Prickly. Side. Of. Face. Have I irradiated my ear? Or worse - lightly fried my brain like a scallop in butter sauce?