Blog participation guidelines


Cancer Council Victoria will moderate comments posted to the Cut Your Cancer Risk once a day, and then remove comments posted which do not meet the guidelines below.


Cancer Council Victoria retains the right to edit or remove comments if:

  • They breach privacy considerations
  • They are irrelevant to the issues being considered
  • They contain abusive, harassing or threatening content
  • They are potentially defamatory or libellous
  • They are insulting, provocative or hateful
  • They contain obscene or offensive language
  • They may have infringed the intellectual property rights of others
  • Identical or near-identical 'campaign' comments are received from one or more sources
  • They promote commercial interests
  • They contain inappropriate addresses, videos, or images
  • They contain overtly party political comment
  • They promote treatments or services for those affected by cancer which are not endorsed by Cancer Council Victoria

Where comments do not comply with one or more of the guidelines – and where the content in question could not reasonably be removed/edited from the comment – comments will be removed.

Upon request, moderators can provide a user with reasons why their comment has been edited or removed.

Where links to websites were included in comments submitted to the blog, the linked websites will be moderated in accordance with the same moderation guidelines. Comments that provide links to websites that do not comply with these guidelines at the time of publication may published without the link.


Details collected through blog posts will be handled in compliance with our privacy policy.