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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Love your bum

Posted on 19-11-2010
STOP PRESS: Since posting this blog, the Victorian Labor Party has made a pre-election promise to screen 57,000 Victorians for bowel cancer over the next three years. More details to follow soon...

You can't drink that with a straw - NYC's shock obesity ads

Posted by Bek on 17-11-2010
The nation that put cheese in a can and sushi into a deep fat fryer has recently taken some rather progressive steps in terms of obesity prevention. Just last week the San Francisco board of supervisors banned toys with Happy Meals that exceeded thresholds for fat, sugar and salt.

Banning the butts

Posted by Bek on 11-11-2010
This summer you won't be able to get your butt out at Point Addis. But just hang onto your bareback horses, no one's taking away your favourite nudist beach. This is not a ban on nudists, but a ban on smoking on the beach.  

Helen has an exercise revelation

Posted by Helen on 03-11-2010
So exercise. Probably up there with quitting smoking as the trickiest of the Magnificent Seven ways to cut your cancer risk.  I was compelled to put pen to blog to share some revelatory news about exercise that I found out last week which has cured my perpetual ‘plan to do exercise - fail to do exercise - experience self-loathing' problem.

Does knowing the facts about cancer make you hyper-aware or a hypochondriac?

Posted on 19-10-2010
Since starting work in a health promotion field I've self-diagnosed myself with all manner of diseases and conditions. When you spend most of your day writing, talking and thinking about lifestyle risk factors for cancers, it's little surprise that you tend to focus on these. 

Will the real breast screening please stand up?

Posted on 01-10-2010
There is a lot of money in breasts. You need only look at the number of adverts in women's magazines for breast enhancement or bespoke brassieres to know that boobs are big business. Dolly Parton reportedly has hers insured for $600,000 US.

Beyond marketing - will 50+ sunscreen make a difference?

Posted on 20-09-2010
It's creating quite a buzz all this talk of SPF 50+ sunscreen. Will 50 be the new 30? Surely the higher the number the better off you are right? Well it may be the case if we're talking about your bank account, but not necessarily when it comes to sunscreen.

Road wars: car vs. bike

Posted by Laura on 07-09-2010
The streets are a battle zone: particularly at commuter o'clock, when everyone is going to or leaving work. Traffic jams are becoming a frequent problem and getting from A to B takes longer than ever.

One for the ladies

Posted by Helen on 30-08-2010
Our new PapScreen campaign Peace of mind was launched with great fanfare and lots of mini-quiches last week - watch it here! You like the new PapScreen website too you say? Very kind! But seriously, we welcome any feedback about the advert and the website, positive or (gulp) negative.

Vegie challenge part 2 - the Tony Soprano of the fruit bowl

Posted on 25-08-2010
Thanks to everyone who sent through breakfast suggestions. It's amazing to see how many vegie options there are for breakfast. Some great ideas included: frittatas, asparagus with eggs and rhubarb with yoghurt.

Join me on the five vegetable challenge

Posted on 18-08-2010
Which vegetable goes with porridge? Carrots? Sweet potato? Pumpkin? For some reason I can't get past orange vegetables.

Thank you for plain packaging

Posted on 05-08-2010
The Government must be doing something right. Why else would the tobacco lobby be shrieking in fear about the legislation to bring in plain packaging for all cigarette products in Australia by July 2012?

Carrot or stick? What makes you put on your sneakers and put down the chocolate?

Posted on 30-07-2010
What makes someone stop smoking or eating a packet of Tim Tams before bed? Or motivates them to put on their sneakers and jog around the block ... or book a Pap test if they're overdue?

Thanks to Twilight and vampire-mania

Posted on 22-07-2010
We've been heartily encouraged in our mission to change behaviours around tanning recently. Winter is often a time when people resort to solariums and fake tans but happily it seems that this trend is on the wane.

Hello blogosphere...

Posted on 15-07-2010
Cancer Council Victoria has long been an avid blog reader. We don't have a blog roll up here at the moment, but a couple of our favourites in the health arena are: Croakey and the Cancer Research UK.