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From eating broccoli to avoiding hairspray, new findings on what causes or prevents cancer seem to be discovered every day. Cancer Council Victoria's Cancer Prevention team go behind the headlines to dispel the myths.

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Don't leave medical research in the lurch

Posted by John and Steven on 14-04-2011
Two of our fearless researchers here at Cancer Council, John Baker and Steven Bowe, headed to the rally on Tuesday (12/4/11) to stop budget cuts to medical research. They filed this report for us.

Branding carcinogens - the plain packaging debate

Posted by Rebecca on 08-04-2011
Imagine the conversation if other products as deadly as tobacco were sold at the newsagents. "I'll have a pack of Fresh-Burst asbestos please."  "Oh we're all out. How about a packet of Happy Daze asbestos?"

Stars fly the tangerine tan flag

Posted by Cairín on 06-04-2011
We were excited to see the unveiling of the stars lined up to participate in the next Dancing with the Stars series yesterday. The 11 contestants-to-be made for a glamorous image suitably representative of the popular showbiz program but we also noticed that the tangerine tan was out in force.

Can you worry yourself sick?

Posted by Laura on 01-04-2011
"You'll worry yourself sick!" My mother is fond of saying. But is it an old wive's tale or does stress really cause cancer?

Globophobics look away now

Posted by Helen on 23-03-2011
Globophobics (balloons fearers, fact fans) might want to steer clear of their TVs for the next half decade or so, as the Federal Government launch their latest ad campaign to inspire us to reduce our dramatically ballooning waistlines ... Eric the Balloon Man.

Radiation in Japan: what's the cancer risk?

Posted by Rebecca on 21-03-2011
Following the terrible human disaster in Japan, newspapers and broadcast media have been covering the issue of radiation and the possibility of it causing cancer. Cancer Council Australia's CEO, Professor Ian Olver has examined the issue.

Mirror Mirror on the wall - Who's the fairest of them all?

Posted by Cairín on 16-03-2011
At this week's L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF), the natural look is set to be among the key trends on the autumn-winter catwalks.

Broadway to beat the blues

Posted by Cairín on 15-03-2011
Last night, inspired by the Cut Your Cancer Risk exercise challenge, I decided to try a new exercise routine. Bored of the usual gym classes, I wanted something completely different, so when my friend told me she was going to a Broadway dance class, I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss. I mean, who doesn't love Broadway?

Masterchef contestant says keeping active is always on the menu

Posted by Cairín on 11-03-2011
Given that this month we are focusing on keeping fit and active each day, we asked 2010 MasterChef contestant, Peter Kritikides, how important it is for him to keep physically active each day

From the Jane Fonda Workout to the Zumba craze

Posted by Laura on 07-03-2011
Let me take you back to 1982: leggings and leotards were well and truly the epitome of cool and the Jane Fonda's Workout was released on VHS. Inspiring women across the world to bend and stretch their way to the perfect body, Jane Fonda's Workout was a massive hit and started an aerobics craze. So that was then, but what now?

Men get their marching orders!

Posted by Cairín on 03-03-2011
This Sunday I'm heading down to Docklands for the Emily Tapp Melanoma Foundation's annual March for Melanoma at Waterfront City Piazza.

The FebFast finale finally!

Posted by Cairín on 28-02-2011
It's almost all over. Today is officially my last day of FebFast. What a rollercoaster ride the last month has been.

Don't fob it off - a simple test could save your life

Posted by Susanne on 25-02-2011
CPC's resident bowel screening champion, Susanne, has a reason to be excited this Friday. Friday 25 Feb is an important day for everyone aged 50 plus. Do you know why? It's Fob Test Friday.

Cut the fat - ban junk food endorsements by sports stars

Posted by Laura on 21-02-2011
It's refreshing to see Shane Warne under the media spotlight for reasons other than his love life. Last week he was receiving attention for his somewhat unscrupulous McDonalds' endorsement.

A pinch in time saves nine . . .

Posted by Cairín on 14-02-2011
The first few weeks of FebFast have been quite similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes. They feel okay in the shop but as soon as you start walking around in them, they pinch like hell and you cant wait to take them off.